Jungle Scout Review. Buy or Not?

Jungle Scout review 2020

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Intro – Jungle Scout Review

Do you want to sell on Amazon but not sure which tool to use to investigate a profitable product? Have you ever heard about Jungle Scout?  Jungle Scout is a tool to find low competitive and profitable Amazon FBA product.

In this Jungle Scout review, I uncover everything you need to know with the latest information. I found that most reviews on the internet haven’t been updated to reflect recent changes.

Jungle Scout has helped me to build a successful Amazon FBA business, and still using it to do my product research before launching a new product. Read along this guide and decide for yourself.

What has been covered in this Jungle Scout Review post?

I am an Amazon seller and enjoy sharing my reviews.

I think you will get and fair understanding of selecting product for Amazon FBA after reading this Jungle Scout review.

I cover below topics in this Jungle Scout review:

  1. What is Jungle Scout (Do You Really Need it?)
  2. Who created Jungle Scout?
  3. Jungle Scout Components: Product Database and Tracker, Opportunity and Niche Hunter, Sales Estimator, etc.
  4. Difference between Jungle Scout Web Application and Jungle Scout Chrome Extension
  5. Which Jungle Scout to buy? Jungle Scout free
  6. My Recommendation

What is Jungle Scout? What does Jungle Scout do?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research tool that helps to discover profitable products, estimate your sales volume, research product keywords, optimize Amazon listings, insights on consumer and competitor trends, track and validate product ideas, find quality suppliers, automate customer email communications and build promotions.

Its web application searches the list of most profitable Amazon products and helps to discover the products that are easiest to start or grow your business with. 

Who created Jungle Scout? Who owns Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout was founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer as the solution to finding great products to sell on Amazon. Today, Jungle Scout provides a suite of Amazon seller tools for everything from finding a product to sourcing a supplier to launching and optimizing a product listing and more.

jungle scout free

Do you really need Jungle Scout?

Most of the people selling on Amazon just guess for the products that they think will sell. They manually research a product and hope it will sell on Amazon.

They spend hours and hours of researching products and depend upon their guess product. Jungle Scout made product research easy and will research the product instantly.

In addition, product research is just a single aspect of the competition. If you choose a bad product then no matter how much you promote that product, you will fail to sell it on Amazon. The competition is fierce nowadays. You will not get a chance if you don’t select a unique and profitable product, and Jungle Scout will help you choose that product.   This Jungle Scout review will help you to understand the importance of the research tool.

Jungle Scout Components:

Product Database

Jungle Scout review 2020 product database

A comprehensive Amazon product database that contains over 70 million products. It organizes and explores all the product ideas that match your search criteria.

You can apply filters to drill down to find the profitable product quickly that also meets your search criteria.

Some Amazon sellers ignore the product database, but I will recommend using it. You can also use keywords for your products which will also help to filter down the specific product to sell.

It is a must component to search your profitable product.

Product Tracker

Jungle Scout review 2020 product tracker

It will allow you to group your products and track them individually and as a group and display the entire sales history of a product. It quickly searches the average price, average fees, average daily units sold, average daily rank of a product and more as mentioned in this Jungle Scout review.

Jungle Scout’s product tracker shows a snapshot of a product’s sales history.

Niche Hunter

Jungle Scout review 2020 niche hunter

Niche Hunter is my all-time favourite tool to research profitable niche ideas, and product keywords based upon the below search parameters:

Amazon Product Category: All Amazon product categories based upon the country of Amazon marketplace.

Market Competition: Competition is calculated based off a Jungle Scout’s internal algorithm factoring in the number of reviews for the top 10 products under the respective keyword. The competition can be scaled from very low to very high, and everything in between with high or low scale.

Listing Quality Score (LQS): It shows the average listing quality score for the top 10 product listings. Each listing is graded for quality off an algorithm factoring in the title, keyword, photos, bullet points and description to determine the overall quality of the product listing. A high score (8-10) would be the best listings and therefore represent a niche whose listings would be difficult for a seller to compete with. A low score (under 4) would represent a niche with poor quality listings and therefore a good opportunity for sellers.

Average Price: The average sale price of the top 10 listings. I use this scale to determine the sale price of my selected product in a niche. I would recommend of sale price in between $20 to $30.

Niche Score: The niche score is graded on a scale of 0 to 10. This is an aggregate score, factoring in the demand, competition and listing quality scores. A higher score here means it’s a better opportunity for sellers. A lower score represents a keyword that may have low demand, high competition, high quality listings or a combination of these items A high score represents a competitive keyword, with most listings having many reviews. A low score represents a good opportunity for sellers.

Opportunity Finder (NEW)

Jungle Scout review 2020 Opportunity Finder

In this Jungle Scout review, you will find that it is a new feature added to the Jungle Scout tool. Opportunity Finder helps to discover emerging trends and profitable product niches. It helps to build your Amazon business around unique products. It is a tool to research profitable product niches based upon the below search criteria.

Average Monthly Units Sold: Average Monthly Product Units Sold. The average monthly units sold for listings in a niche. Scales from 0 to 1000+ units.

Jungle scout review 2020 opportunity finder 2
Jungle Scout review 2020 Opportunity finder3

Competition: Measure competitiveness based on keywords and number of reviews. Aim for competition in the low to medium range. Scales from very low to very high.

Monthly Search Volume: The number of times the keyword has been searched in the last 30 days.

Average Monthly Price: The average sales price for listings in this niche.

Niche Score: The Niche Score is graded on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the highest opportunity and 1 is the lowest. The score is calculated based on the demand, competition, and the quality of the listings in this niche.

Keyword Scout

Jungle Scout  review 2020 keyword scout

Amazon Keyword research is your key to the success of selling on Amazon as mentioned previously in this Jungle Scout review. You should make sure that people are searching for the specific keywords to find your product, and your Amazon listings are optimized to match those keywords.

It is very important to research your product keywords, otherwise it will be just a guess, and you just hope that something will work.

You will waste fair amount of money on Amazon without keyword research.

Keyword Scout generates keywords list that you can use in your product listings and Amazon PPC advertisement campaigns. Keyword Scout gives you the monthly exact and broad search volume for keywords using actual Amazon data.

Keyword scout will give your below search result columns to decide whether to go with that keyword or not.

Jungle Scout review 2020 keyword scout 1
Jungle Scout review 2020 keyword scout 2

30-day search volume (Exact and Broad) – Number of times keyword was searched in 30 days on Amazon search and whether it was an exact match or a broad match of the keyword

30 Day/90 Day Trend – Whether a keyword is getting popular or loosing its popularity in percentage within 30 and 90 days

Pay Per Click (PPC Exact and Broad) – Amount of bid put for the exact or broad keyword

Ease to rank – Score number shows whether the keyword is easy to rank or not on Amazon search

Relevancy score – This score can be relevant if you are new to the Amazon FBA business. Not very helpful if you are already knowing your product or niche well

What is Jungle Scout chrome extension?

Jungle Scout review 2020 chrome extension

Jungle Scout comes in two flavours – Web Application and Chrome Browser Extension. You can read in depth Jungle Scout review below.

Jungle Scout – The Web Application

Jungle Scout review 2020 web application

The Jungle Scout Web Application helps to find profitable niches and products by searching a comprehensive Jungle Scout database of Amazon listings as depicted in this Jungle Scout review. It gives the flexibility to narrow down the search by category, price, rank, sales, revenue, etc, and provide total control in finding a unique product.

You can tweak the search criteria to get the refined search results with Jungle Scout’s web application. I will recommend playing around with these settings to get the specific niches and sub-niches to focus on.

Jungle Scout – Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout review 2020 chrome extension 1
Jungle Scout review 2020 chrome extension 2
Jungle Scout review 2020 chrome extension 3
Jungle Scout review 2020 chrome extension 4

This comprehensive Jungle Scout review will help you to understand that Jungle Scout Chrome extension help Amazon sellers to provide information about a niche while they are browsing to find product niche on Amazon. It will display the opportunity score of a niche with other column data to guide you to select a niche.

The Opportunity Score is a Jungle Scout’s algorithm graded on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the highest opportunity and 1 is the lowest. The score is calculated based on all listings extracted and their demand according to units sold, competition and listing quality score. This Jungle Scout review will help you to understand it.

Which Jungle Scout to buy?

It really depends upon your budget, if you are on a tight budget then go for Jungle Scout Chrome Extension but if you can afford then go for web application.

Jungle Scout pricing

My Recommendation

Jungle Scout is an essential tool for your success on Amazon as mentioned in this Jungle Scout review. It will cut your product research time and allow you more free time to do other important activities required for your business. I recommend the Jungle Scout and Extension $69 plan; it comes with web application and Chrome extension. This plan covers all required product research tools and save your money from buying any other product research software tool.

You could think Jungle Scout tool’s investment as a huge saver in compare to select and source a wrong product which will eventually not sell on Amazon. I think the monthly plan fee of $69 is worth of your investment into your Amazon business, but here is my deal.

If you are ready to pay a yearly subscription upfront, you can save 30% off the annual subscription plan using my special discount offer. It will save you $177 yearly, and monthly you only pay $34 instead of paying $49 when you choose to pay yearly subscription upfront.

As it is a limited time offer to help build your Amazon business, so jump in while it lasts. Check the Jungle Scout’s 30% off deal here.

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