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Amazon FBA Calculator to calculate the profit margin
amazon fba calculator

Amazon Profit Margin Calculator for your FBA business


How to Calculate the Amazon FBA Profit Margin?

In order to calculate the Amazon FBA profit margin for your product, follow the below steps:
(You can use any currency of your choice when using this calculator)
1. Enter the total number of product units, that you ordered from your supplier
2. Enter the buying price of product unit, that is buying price from your supplier
3. Enter the total shipping fees, that is the total shipping cost associated with shipping, including customs charges or any other charges, from supplier to Amazon warehouse
4. Enter the unit price of your product that you want to sell on Amazon

How to calculate the total landed cost of your product using Amazon FBA Calculator?

There are no specific steps are required to calculate the total landed cost, landed cost per unit and total product cost per unit. All of the them will be calculated automatically.

Who should I contact if I have further questions about Amazon FBA calculator?

You can contact here for any further queries.

How can I estimate sales volume of an existing product on Amazon?

You can use this Amazon Sales Estimator to calculate the number of sales on Amazon.


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