How To Source Children Toys From India For Amazon FBA or Online/Offline Business?

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How to Import Children Toys From India To sell on Amazon or E-Commerce Online Store?

Toys and games are super profitable on amazon and if you’re thinking about tapping into that profit, you’ve come to the right place.

I will walk through the steps in this article to show you How to Source children toys From India. I will show you exactly how you can source children’s toys from India, some of the benefits you should already be doing this, and where to look for the ideal suppliers in the toys category.

Let’s see it in detail…

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you would’ve already guessed there’s going to be something extra. So read this article till the end.

Why should you consider selling Children Toys on Amazon or Your Own e-Commerce Store?

The reason toys are a great place to start is because they are inexpensive, require a small order, and you can predict their demand with things like kid’s movies, cartoons, and occasions like holidays.

Brands like Lego, Mattel, and Hasbro dominate the toy industry and have become billion-dollar giants in this industry.

But they’re not doing it alone! Amazon has taken almost 83% of the online sales of these brands which put the toy sales of Amazon at just above 4.5 billion dollars.

All of this is great for FBA sellers like you who are thinking of starting a store catering just for toys as they’re easy to source, inexpensive, and have a secret cyclic period that can net you thousands in profits.

The toy market is fairly competitive, that’s mainly because there are many alternatives to toys. For example, let’s say you’re selling a standard sand castle set for the beach.

As a buyer you’ll be clicking on different sets of the same toy because they might be a different size, design, or maybe the person you’re buying it for loves a different color.

This was just an example and most of these customers can be brought towards your product, by including the most popular colors, having sizes that are suitable for different ages, and other sale-performing factors.

What really decides the success of your Amazon store or E-Commerce Online Sotre?

What really decides the success of your Amazon store is your manufacturer.

Suppliers control a lot of your business and have the power to make or break your profits. As an FBA seller, I can tell you suppliers drive the

1. Cost of what you’re selling

2. Take care of Quality Control operations that remove defective products

3. Take care of the packaging and shipping.

With such driving factors, it’s important you look for the right suppliers, and India has a pool of toy manufacturers.

The good thing about wholesale toys suppliers in India is that they are competing with global suppliers from countries like China and Indonesia.

So, naturally, they have to offer something cheaper, better, and a service that differentiates them, and I can say that there’s no shortage of those types of suppliers in India.

How to find wholesale market & suppliers for children toys in India?

Let’s take a look at the toys wholesale market in India, and how to find the right suppliers.

Finding these wholesale suppliers can be broken down into researching, looking through directories, and physically going to wholesale markets, and attending conventions.

You’ll find most of the toy manufacturers located in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu states of India.

Most of these factories are located in the industrial zones of these states, with distributors taking the products to wholesale markets around India or exporting them.

You’ll find them in these states because of state tax schemes like capital subsidies, stamp duty exemptions, and interest subsidies.

There are two types of toy manufacturing suppliers available in India

1- Online Presence Suppliers
You can visit their website and contact them using online methods such as email or a contact form

The other type of toys suppliers are
2- In-person suppliers
You must visit them physically to get a deal with them.

I will introduce both types of suppliers in this article.

Who are the online presence children toys suppliers in India?

1- Online Presence Suppliers

All these suppliers can be reached online through text or video conference.

They have a major online presence and have been dealing with importers from the US, UK, and Australia.

Connecting with them means a smoother workflow and order process but it also means pushing a lot of responsibility over to them, for which they can charge more cents on the dollar.

#1. Indiamart

Indiamart was established in 1996 and has one of the largest supplier directories offering a whole range of products.

You can easily use their search engine to look for specific toy categories and filter manufacturers by order quantities and age on the website.

When looking for wholesale toys suppliers in India, it’s better to connect with exporters with a ‘trust seal’ which means they are paying for a seller’s account and are legitimately there to do business.

You can add an extra layer of protection by working with ‘verified exporter service’

These badges indicate that Indiamart has verified the seller’s location, and business and given them a pass to work with foreign customers like you.

What really matters is the price and you can get toys that start at just 50 cents and can go up to 120 dollars like garden playhouses.

If you plan on marketing your toys as sustainable or quality assured, you can also filter suppliers by ISO certifications.

#2 - Globalsources

Global Sources is a step up from Indiamart and works pretty much the same way.
It is much older than Indiamart but began Indian operations in 2010.

Globalsources has better suppliers and a long checklist to be on their directory. Once again there’s a bit of research required like using verified sellers, checking ISO certifications, and factory audit reports.

All of this information is available in the directory, however, you won’t find many niche suppliers here.

Suppliers here are mostly selling premium categories like wooden toys, handcrafted toys, and board games which are sure to fetch a high price on Amazon.

The prices range from under dollar 1 to about dollar 60. Some of the items include decorations, colored pencils, building blocks aka Lego, inflatable balls, stuffed toys, and everything you might see at a dollar store.

These two directories can help you get suppliers in a whole range of toy categories.

Most factories here will be producing toys in multiple niches which might not be particularly optimum for your niche store.

Manufacturers who focus on a single niche will always have better-skilled workers and a constant supply of raw materials because they haven’t diversified production.

Both of these qualities are great for FBA sellers looking to target specific toy niches.

For this reason, I’ve also put together a few niche-specific wholesale toy suppliers in India.

Let’s check them out in the next section.

#1 - KhannaToys

KhannaToys Corp was established in 1979 and is older than the internet itself.

Thankfully, the management is great at providing online inquiries and you can reach them easily.

They offer niche-specific plastic toys in pull along toys, roly-poly toys and friction powered plastic toys.

Essentially their main
manufacturing facility uses plastic and molding techniques which can also produce toys like small plastic motorbikes, toy guitars, and drums.

They are located in Delhi in the prime market named Sadar Bazaar.

#2 - FunZooToys

Fun Zoo Toys is another niche manufacturer out of India, specializing in stuffed toys.

Stuffed toys are an immediate hit with kids and contribute to some of the biggest sales in kids’ toys categories.

FunZoo Toys is a 2008 merger of two independent older toy companies and their product range starts from a dollar to a dollar and a half.

Their product lines include stuffed toys, teddy bears, stuffed dolls, cushions, and decorative hanging stuffed toys for a kid’s room.

#3 - Masoom Toys

Masoom Toys is perhaps the oldest toy manufacturer on the list.

What started in 1942 has quickly grown to include a few expert niches and a B2B exporting style.

They have a host of toys that might interest you, but they are on our list for educational toys.

These types of toys can get you a huge profit as parents see them as multifunctional (toys for the kids and educational products).

They sell puzzle sets, board games, simplified chess boards, toy sets about geography, and much more that you can view in their catalog.

They export all over the world and have about 400 unique products. Their product range starts from just under $7.

Who are the In-Person children toys suppliers in India?

2- In-Person Suppliers

If you’re looking to drive down prices even more and connect with local suppliers and distributors in India, there are a few wholesale toy markets that can help you link up with the right suppliers in person.

Let’s see them in the next section

#1 - Crawford Market, Mumbai

Crawford is nearly a 150-year-old market in Mumbai, India.

It’s not specifically a wholesale toy market, but you’ll find the highest density of toy shops here.

The market is always busy and you will find a cluster of toy wholesalers’ shops all together, so you can find what you need to source fairly quickly.

The prices will be in Indian rupees and you’ll be paying the local rates as these sellers are 99% of the time unaware of any export potentials.

Although you can source toys in bulk below the export market price, you’ll be responsible for all the quality control and shipping of your product.

Toys here range from sit-in miniature cars to tiny Beyblades.

#2- Lohar Chawl, Mumbai

Lohar Chawl is an importer’s dream.

Here you can find all sorts of wholesaler suppliers who are ready to do business in the smallest order.

Located in an old locality of Mumbai, many wholesale toy sellers on Indiamart have their shops here.

You can reach them directly during market hours for a better price and negotiate the terms for quality control, packaging, and shipping for a smaller price.

Bear in mind, this process will not be the smoothest and you will have to do most of the work related to packaging and shipping.

How to source the right children toys from India?

Now that you have a general idea of where to find the suppliers, let’s discuss a small insight into FBA that can lead you to source the right toys.

The sales volume of toys on Amazon during the holiday season is larger than at any other time throughout the year.

Many sellers make most of their sales during black Friday to December 15th range and this is usually the time when toys are sold the most.

It’s better to check the trends of the previous years and look for popular categories and have your supplier ready to ship those niche categories beforehand.

You can also be on the lookout for cyclic toys. These are toys that return to the trend every year or two years depending on the occasion, much like Mariah Careys Christmas hit which is played at every TV section of Walmart during the Christmas season.

You can also follow trends of action figures, which will be in demand after a certain movie release or cartoon screening.

These types of events are great for boosting your sales and quickly making a turnover from toys.

Usually, when the demand for these toys increases, Amazon runs out of them quickly and third-party sellers drive up the cost by almost 200 – 300%.

This is where the bulk of the profit is made and you should definitely use this to drive your sales, rating, and reviews to attract customers to other similar toys.

Why should you source children toys from India in the first place?

One thing we did not discuss is why to source from India in the first place.

There are many aspects to look at when thinking about sourcing a product.

From environmental impacts to ethical behaviors, everything comes down to choosing the right suppliers. Indian toy manufacturers aren’t like Chinese manufacturers that start production from a small capital.

These manufacturers have been in production for years if not decades.

When working with Indian sellers you’ll be expecting experienced people in their craft.

Most Indian sellers have no problem communicating in English and this makes orders more efficient and clearer.

The Toy Association of India is a government body that regulates the production of toys in ethical ways and makes sure everything complies with required designs.

Some of the regulations include air holes in case a child swallows a toy.

In terms of price, these manufacturers do not have the same exposure as Chinese sellers and offer a smaller price for the same industry standards.

There are also many bilateral trade benefits that you can take advantage of using Indian sellers like lower tariffs compared to China for importing to the US.



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