Hair Manufacturers in India: Best 5 Indian Hair Vendors

Indian Hair Vendors

Indian Hair Vendors are the best but why?

We can see how hair extensions are becoming the latest fashion trend nowadays. Whether for personal or business, there’s a market out there for human hair and related products. Hair extensions, mostly worn by celebrities are “must-haves” for the top brand salons and cosmetologists globally. Some fun-loving people will wear them in a regular daily fashion – mainly for aesthetic reasons.  Whatever the objective is – the human hair is a marketable and saleable product.

Where to look for these hair products, then?  No other place but India. It has been a major source of these trendy stuffs since Indian women have been acclaimed to have the most beautiful hair shine and texture.  Isn’t that a logical reason not to look anywhere else? Only the best Indian hair vendors and hair manufacturers in India can fulfil the demands you need to offer these products in the market.  Best of all, these vendors have been in this business for so long that you need not worry in terms of features, price, durability and overall product quality. They also have their aftersales support which is certainly one of their strengths. After all, what’s a good product without an equally good service?

The list below will show you the best in the industry of Indian hair vendors or hair manufacturers in India:


SGI Hair is “excellence personified.” It is one of the quality hair manufacturers in India that has been known globally. Its passion for innovating human hair extensions is its mission. What the group envisions is to manufacture and supply premium wigs, hair extensions and hair care products to customers bearing their own brand names. A tall order but this company is showing the way to the other human Indian hair vendors and hair manufacturers in India. As a consistent supplier of quality hair for almost 12 years made it among the top brands recognized internationally. They are popular for their exports of cheap but excellent ‘Natural Human Hair Wigs’ and ‘Hair Extensions.’ A customer is instructed to register first before they can order in their site.


Chennai Hair Factory is the largest Indian hair vendor and supplier in India. It is one of the leading human hair extension manufacturers in Asia. Australia, USA, UK, Brazil, Canada and South Africa are some of the countries where they supply mostly their hair products. This group has been in the industry since 2009. Total number of customers worldwide is at 20,000 and counting, most of whom are repeat customers. Their hair products are continuously used and vouched by the leading hairstylists internationally. As a primary human hair vendor in India – their goal is to boost the confidence of their customers. Their hair extensions are highly established due to their natural appearance, lively colours and a wide range of textures. They cater to both bulk and individual orders worldwide.


Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory is another leading human hair vendor and hair manufacturer in India. They say this is the place to get Indian Temple hair for either wholesale or distribution. They sell to all Indian hair vendors in the US and worldwide. They have varied product offerings ranging from hair weaves
Do you know that it can cost about half a million US dollars for the average cost of the temple hair’s auction? This group surely is committed to providing high-quality hair to its customers. Not every company in India has the resources to this high-grade quality of human hair. Most will acquire only about 1/10 of the costs of the temple hair. To add, preservation of the quality of the hair until it is shipped is tougher. Dhwarak Indian Hair does manual processing to be able to preserve their hairs’ natural shine and texture, making their hair bundles look so healthy, vibrant and full.


The Jaipur Hair is one of the oldest Indian hair vendors, with 20 plus years of experience. It has factories in Delhi and Hyderabad. What it prides itself in are their ‘virgin hair extensions.’ It is hailed as one of the largest wholesalers and manufacturers of premium Virgin Indian Human Hair extensions and lace front wigs, among other products. It is also a direct exporter and a global distributor.

The Jaipur Hair is definitely your ‘one-stop-shop’ for the most stunning Virgin human hair collection available in the market today. It is the choice for some of the Hollywood celebrities’ brands, top global salon chains and leading hair stylists and licensed cosmetologists all over the world such as the USA, Canada, Dubai and in Europe namely in Italy, Germany and Ireland.


Adorable Hair Suppliers has the speciality in providing mass-scale hair extensions, proving that it is one of the best human Indian hair vendors. As a leading human hair manufacturer in India, it supplies across the country’s geographical limitations using their online portals. It has penetrated the international market as well. It prides itself in specializing in natural, virgin, raw, full-cuticle, 100% real Indian human hair that comes from just one donor. The company believes in quality more than quantity. This means that their products promote more versatility in natural-looking hair and various hairstyles. Most customers are often repeated customers with their new or old styles as favourite design supplies. Styles can go from the curly to straight hair extensions at different lengths and colours. With a number of options, you can choose from their wholesale supplies unit anything to cater to your needs at reasonable costs. Their popularity as a human hair exporter in Chennai has increased across India as well as internationally.

For those who are on the lookout for the best human hair to sell or distribute in whatever platform – along with other hair products such as extensions, wigs and the like – you are on the right place. Check top Indian hair vendors and hair manufacturers we have listed for you here and you’d be sure to get good deals. They cater to anywhere in the world. Good products at competitive prices plus an easy process – what are you waiting for?

Download a complete list of Indian product suppliers from here. The list contains more than 1000 export-oriented suppliers from India who are ready to manufacture your products in India at an affordable price.

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