Products From India: How To Choose From The 12 Major Product Categories?

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There are very limited people who know the fact that India is economically progressing very well. It has the capability of producing many such products that we usually export to other countries. Being the largest democracy, India is dedicated to producing the products in several categories.

There is a huge list of products from India which can be exported. This post will focus on India’s export to get an idea about the country’s economic stability.

List of products from India and categories

Following is the list of categories which India exports:

1. Home Décor

Home decorations are something that’s importance can never be denied. They enhance the look of the interior and exterior. India is one of the top countries that are exporting many products for home decoration. These products from India involve kitchenware, tableware, lawn and garden accessories, lamps and lighting, flooring, textiles, metal, wood, ceramic, and many more.

2. Home Furnishings

Most of us are unaware of the difference between home décor and furnishing. Home décor is something that has to deal with the style, colour scheme, and other such factors while designing a house. On the other hand, home furnishings include a deep analysis of the space being utilized. Many home furnishing products from India include carpets, rugs, cushion and bed covers, curtains, table mats, and cover, and other such items.

3. Fashion Related Products

While talking about the exports of a country, one can never deny the importance of fashion. The reason is, due to electronic media and social media, almost every person is well aware of the latest fashion trends, and the demand for such products increases that are trending. India is exporting almost all of the fashion-related items that include jewellery, bags, accessories, scarves, etc.

4. Textiles And Apparel

Textiles and apparel plays a significant role when it comes to the export products from India. India’s export includes a variety of textiles and apparel that have a high demand in the international market. These products include ready-made garments of cotton and silk, which are knitted and woven. In addition to this, this sector also includes many types of leather made products from India like shoes, bags, belts, and wallets that are very popular in the market.

5. Gifts And Stationery

There are many small prducts from India whose importance can never be overlooked. Whether it’s about Christmas and festive décor or decorative gifts and stationery, India is one of the top-most countries dealing with these products.

6. Medical Disposables

Due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19, we all are well aware of the importance of medical disposables. These are the products that can save a human’s life, and we don’t have the perfect idea about it before the coronavirus situation. However, India is well aware of the importance of these products, and its exports include medical gloves and disposables.

7. Food Products

There are many major farms and crop fields in India. It is one of the top-most countries that are exporting many food products including rice, lentils, spices, tea, coffee and many more.

8. Sports Products

Almost every country is paying significant importance to the sports sector and is working hard to improve it. Other than the hard work, this sector is also not very economical and requires multiple products. India is a huge exporter of athletic equipment such as baseball, hockey, golf, soccer, badminton, tennis, table tennis and many more.

9. Eco-friendly Products

While looking for the exports of a country, the thing that we usually overlook is eco-friendly products. However, this factor has a significant value in not only the exports of a country but also on many humans and animal’s life. India is doing a great job in exporting eco-friendly products. The eco-friendly products from India are contributing their part in making the environment clean and healthy. Its eco-friendly products are made of can, bamboo fibre, palm leaves and many more.

10. Wool And Animal Hair Products

Although many people avoid using products made of animal hair or skin, these products play a great role in many parts of the world. The reason is, people always demand something cosy and comfortable to deal with the chilling cold weather around the globe, and nothing can beat the significance of woollen products at that point. India is exporting multiple woollen and animal hair products, such as gloves, blankets and many more.

11. Fabrics

Many buyers around the world spend a significant amount of time to search for unique and quality-ensured fabric. India produces quality fabrics and exporting it to the world.

11. Iron And Steel Products

Whether it’s about some heavy metal products like doors or it’s about the small products like screws, India is exporting all of these iron and steel-made products. These products from India have a high demand in the international market, and India is doing great in this sector. From the drums, tubes, and pipes to the screws, horseshoes, and windows, India’s export includes all of these products. In addition to this, it includes various metal products like tools and cutlery.

India is becoming a hub for quality export products. Buyers has a wide range of categories to choose from India. In addition, buyers can contact sourcing companies in India such as ActonaSourcing to source leather bags, belts, wallets and shoes from India.

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