How To Find Reliable Wholesale Suppliers in India When You Don’t Know Anyone in India?

Finding wholesale suppliers in India can be daunting. India is coming up as a sourcing hub for Amazon FBA sellers & alternative to China sourcing tariffs.

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Finding Wholesale Suppliers In India: What You Need To Know as an Amazon FBA seller

India is home to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The growth stems from a robust industrial and manufacturing sector that has been seen as one of the biggest wholesale suppliers in India of various products and raw materials. Multinationals in diversified fields source items from India, given the country’s robust manufacturing sector.

While world-leading companies have the financial muscle and connections to find the right suppliers, the same cannot be said about small businesses and owners. For those people new to the country’s supply chain operations, it is important to keep a note of a few basic risks as well as challenges in finding the best suppliers for sourcing items.

Finding the Right Wholesale Supplier in India

Unlike in mature and developed economies finding the right supplier in India is not easy. Many Indian suppliers don’t maintain updated catalogs of their products, let alone communication channels. In addition, very few suppliers have websites where they display their products.

Amidst the connection challenges, it is possible to find Indian suppliers on third-party websites such as Alibaba, IndiaMart, and GlobalSources.

5 Must Try Online Wholesale Markets in India for Amazon FBA Sellers in 2020

Dealing With An Agent

One of the easiest ways of finding the best supplier in India involves dealing with a reputable and experienced agent. Dealing with an agent is especially important when planning to order in large quantities. An agent would be able to find and vet the best suppliers depending on the goods one wishes to order.

An agent would also come in handy when negotiating prices of potential buys as well as placing orders and conducting quality control. Agents also help in the logistics process by ensuring goods get delivered on time.

You can contact ActonaSourcing to explore sourcing products from India. It can become an alternative to China sourcing which is struggling due to tariffs.

wholesale market in india agent
wholesale suppliers in india

Sourcing At Trade Shows

For Amazon FBA sellers, the best place to source for items is trade shows held across the country. The IHGF Delhi Fair held annually has proved to be reliable for sourcing some of the best items in India. The trade show has often featured over 3,000 exhibitors providing a wide variety of items as well as access to suppliers.

The trade show is especially beneficial for sourcing housewares, Home Furnishings as well as garden decoratives, bathroom accessories, and Furniture.

IHGF Delhi Handicraft fair to find wholesale suppliers in India
wholesale suppliers in india

Importance of Trade Shows

Trade Shows play an important role in the sourcing of items that online sourcing cannot beat. At trade shows, you stand a fair chance of discovering new products given the array of exhibitors on show. Trade shows also stand out in part because they are the first place where most suppliers get to launch new products. The fact that most of these new products are never posted online allows importers to enjoy a first-mover advantage.

Meeting suppliers at trade shows also provides importers an opportunity to build direct connections with suppliers. Suppliers tend to prioritize buyers they meet at trade shows compared to those they meet online.

Trade shows also enhance the sourcing process as you get to touch and feel items on offer first hand crucial to making informed decisions on whether to buy or not.

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Getting the best Quality from Wholesale Suppliers in India

Improve Communication On Product Specifications

As an importer, the only way you can end up with the best quality when sourcing for items from wholesale suppliers in India is by maintaining consistent and in-depth communication with suppliers. Ensure that the supplier understands the specification as well as technical details of the things you wish to source.

All the instructions and product specifications should be articulated in a way that the supplier understands. You should create a product specification document and ensure a supplier clearly understands it.

Product Inspections

As an importer, make sure the supplier understands that a pre-shipment inspection will be carried out to avoid any problems. The supplier should also understand that any payment would be tied to inspections. In this case, an importer can commit 30% of the payment in advance and commit to paying the rest once pre-shipment requirements are met.

ActonaSourcing – A Sourcing company from India

Contact ActonaSourcing to explore opportunities to source unique and profitable products from India.

wholesale suppliers in india
ActonaSourcing – A Sourcing Company From India

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