Indian Manufacturer/Supplier Database


Product Manufacturers in India

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The Only Indian Manufacturer/Supplier Database Which Covers All the Major Product Categories for You to Get Started
This database has detail contacts of product manufacturers in India.

You can find the product of your interest and contact their corresponding manufacturer.
The main Product Categories of manufacturers included in the database are as below:

  1. Fashion Jewellery, Accessories, Bags, Stoles and Scarves
  2. Handcrafted Garments
  3. Home Furnishings
  4. Carpets, Rugs and Floorings
  5. Furniture, Hardware and Accessories
  6. Decorative and Gifts
  7. House Wares, Tableware, Kitchenware and Hotel Ware
  8. Lamp and Lighting Accessories
  9. Bathroom Accessories
  10. Lawn, Garden Ornaments and Accessories
  11. Candles, Incense Sticks, Potpourri and Aromatics
  12. Christmas and Festive Decorations
  13. Handmade Paper, Gift Wraps and Ribbons
  14. Soft Toys
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