Are you looking into sourcing products from India? Not sure if it is a good idea? Not familiar with this particular side of the market?

india sourcing companies

I am here to clarify why sourcing products from India might be just perfect for your business by bringing to you some of the most powerful benefits and advantages of it.

Wide product sourcing range is more insurance and security

In order to constantly be able to generate revenue and profit, your Amazon FBA e-commerce business should always have a source of import. Now, if you only focus on a single source, what happens if it somehow fails? It ruins your profit. That’s why source diversification is the best thing you could provide your business with. India has proven to be one if not the best country to expand your product diversity, since the recent US import tariffs on China.

Countless of wide-scale business recently bankrupted because of anti-dumping obligations and import tariffs. To avoid this risk, alongside country diversity, expanding your product variety is also imperative, especially if you’re an Amazon seller. Sourcing from China has a big downside of high-competition and low-margin products, something you could easily prevent in the India marketplace by sourcing your products from India.

Sourcing Unique and Profitable products from India

source unique products from India
sourcing products from India

Originality is perhaps, the first thing sellers mention when talking about the India marketplace. The providers specialize in unique handcrafted products nowhere else to be found. Their specific designing development makes their products hard to copy. For instance, some of the most required India-made products are Ruas-hand embroidered guitar strap, Recycled saree bookmarks, and Ada-Chikankari clothing.

The most beneficial thing you get out of this kind of hand-made products is that their designs are hard to copy, which means you could easily find high-demand low-competition product categories to sell on Amazon. A lot of Amazon online selling gurus teach to source the products from B2B marketplaces like GlobalSources and Alibaba, then tweak a bit and stamp your brand on it. It seems this formula works for newcomers but won’t last for long because everyone buys the same product from Chinese manufacturers and put their brand label on it. Nowadays I found a new list hijacking trend on Amazon, in which manufacturers from China create a listing on Amazon by themselves and that become a direct competition to the sellers who bought similar products from above manufacturers.

Something to consider before choosing your product from India is that India is pretty rich in terms of domestic availability of various raw materials, being one of the largest producers of cotton, silk, metal, wood, bamboo, jute, marble and so on. This information is very useful if you’re thinking about selling natural products for example jute rugs, bamboo duvet cover or cotton throws etc.

Intellectual Property (IP) Security

Intellectual property is safe when sourcing products from India
sourcing products from India

Unlike the US and China, sourcing products from India, you won’t have to worry about getting copied by your supplier so they could sell the products to other buyers.

Indian suppliers are known to always respect their buyers’ identity far cry from the many Chinese suppliers.
However, even if you get compromised, be happy to find out that India’s legal system and laws are similar to those of the USA, so it won’t be a problem to legally fight with the supplier.

High-quality products

high quality products
sourcing products from India

Another advantage of sourcing products from India over China is the quality they offer. The foreign export industry is much more careful about the quality they provide, so although they might not pass Germany’s or Japan’s standards, they still won’t use below-standard materials without their buyers’ knowledge like most Chinese do. In fact, Indian exporters will bring up a contract that specifies the long-lasting materials they provide so you can’t be misled or trapped. You rarely see businessmen who import from India complain or having quality issues.

At this point you might be clarified about the clear benefits, but what about the language barrier? Well, let me assure you that there is absolutely nothing lost in translation, English is the second language in India, so there will be no barrier between you and the supplier.
Now that you know why sourcing products from India is so beneficial and advantageous, go ahead and make your Amazon FBA business prosper.

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Are you looking for sourcing products from India to sell on Amazon FBA?

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